Seaside Le Mans - The Race for the Cape Cod Community 2018
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
Syed Ahmed   CCH FHA Biomed
Tim Arruda   CCH Slow Coders
FHA Biomed   CCH FHA Biomed
Mike Bundy   CCH The Guad Squad
James Burke   CCH Urgent Matters
Rosanna Burke   CCH Maternity
Tara Chute   CCH Maternity
Danielle Clady   CCH PT Cruisers
Slow Coders   CCH Slow Coders
Mary Crofford   CCH Urgent Matters
Kayla Crook   CCH FHA Biomed
PT Cruisers   CCH PT Cruisers
Steve Cunningham   CCH FHA Biomed
Lauren Daniels   CCH Slow Coders
Nicole Demeo   CCH Straight Outta Surgery
Dirty Diapers   CCH Dirty Diapers
Mary Theresa Driscoll   CCH OR Race Rats
Samantha Duarte   CCH Straight Outta Surgery
Kayla Earp   CCH Rad Racers
Don Eldredge   CCH Engineering Marvels
Sheri Erikson   CCH OR Race Rats
Heather Ferguson   CCH PT Cruisers
Jennifer Fisher   CCH Straight Outta Surgery
Kyle Forsgard Bridge Creek Capital Management Bridge Creek Capital Management
Steve Frye   CCH Rad Racers
Donald Guadagnoli   CCH The Guad Squad
Patty Hall   CCH PT Cruisers
Norm Hodge Chattitude Brands Chattitude Brands
Christine Howell   CCH Maternity
Kelli Jacobson   CCH The Guad Squad
Lisa Johnson   CCH OR Race Rats
Derrick LaFrenier Cape Cod Coffee Cape Cod Coffee
Marissa Lazzari   CCH Rad Racers
Tim Leonard   CCH Engineering Marvels
Denise Lepage   CCH PT Cruisers
Jean MacBarron   CCH Maternity
Nichole Maiolini   CCH Dirty Diapers
Gail Marshall   CCH Urgent Matters
Engineering Marvels   CCH Engineering Marvels
CCH Maternity   CCH Maternity
Urgent Matters   CCH Urgent Matters
Lisa Mayhew   CCH Slow Coders
Blanche McCarthy   CCH Dirty Diapers
Tiffany McDonnell Cape Cod Media Group Cape Cod Media Group
Dana McKnight   CCH Slow Coders
Jeff McVay Mid-Cape Home Centers  
Dana Medieros   CCH Urgent Matters
Donna Moran   CCH The Guad Squad
Scott Myers Bridge Creek Capital Management Bridge Creek Capital Management
Ricardo Nario   CCH Slow Coders
Richard Nario   CCH The Guad Squad
Flavio Oliveira   CCH Dirty Diapers
Matt Orne   CCH Rad Racers
Straight Outta Surgery   CCH Straight Outta Surgery
Bob Paladino   CCH FHA Biomed
Jack Paster Bridge Creek Capital Management Bridge Creek Capital Management
Steve Paxton   CCH Engineering Marvels
Tanya Peters   CCH Straight Outta Surgery
Rad Racers   CCH Rad Racers
OR Race Rats   CCH OR Race Rats
Al Robbins   CCH Engineering Marvels
Daniel Rodrigues   CCH Maternity
Ryan Scott   CCH Urgent Matters
Meghan Shanahan   CCH Dirty Diapers
Melissa Shevory   CCH Straight Outta Surgery
Donna Skelly   CCH OR Race Rats
The Guad Squad   CCH The Guad Squad
Emily Stone   CCH Dirty Diapers
Jonathan Thompson   CCH OR Race Rats
Phil White   CCH FHA Biomed
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