Seaside Le Mans - The Race for the Cape Cod Community 2018

Seaside Le Mans
September 8, 2018
Mashpee Commons
Cape Cod Healthcare Pre-Race: 9-9:45am
Endurance Race: Noon - 4pm

Music, Food, Kids Activities - Free to attend!

It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s family-friendly!

Seaside Le Mans is an annual community event hosted by the Davenport Companies. Twenty teams of six drivers strategize to determine driver order, timing and refueling as they race Formula 1 karts along straightaways, around turns and under a bridge with 10,000+ fans cheering them on.  Seaside Le Mans is a thrilling day filled with twists and turns and, even better, it is all to raise money for the Cape Cod community.

You can be part of the action!

Want to be in the driver’s seat? The teams are made up of drivers from local companies, each sponsoring a full kart, half kart or individual driving spot. Nearly 100 local companies have participated as driving sponsors over the last 17 years.

Have you always dreamed of being part of a pit crew? More than 150 volunteers are needed to build the track, monitor the race course, sell raffle tickets and interact with the crowd.

Do you want to be up close to the race? The event is free to attend. Come watch the opening ceremony, cheer on your neighbors and local business community as they speed around the track, enjoy the food and entertainment and stay to see who is handed the first place trophy!


Did you know?

  • In the past 17 years, the Seaside Le Mans has raised more than $6 million for the Cape Cod community through sponsorships and matching funds.
  • The Davenport Companies underwrite the cost of the event, allowing 100% of sponsor dollars to go to the selected beneficiaries through the Cape Cod Foundation.
  • 46 different charitable organizations on Cape Cod have been supported by funds raised through the Seaside Le Mans.
  • The temporary track is built using more than 750 hay bales, 2,500 feet of shrink wrap and 300 plastic barriers.
  • The closest finish in race history was in 2012 when only 3/100ths of a second separated the first and second place teams after the 4-hour race.

Start your engines! The 2018 Seaside Le Mans will be held on September 8.
To get involved, visit

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