Seaside Le Mans - The Race for the Cape Cod Community 2019

Drivers Cup Fundraising Challenge!

Thank you for supporting Seaside Le Mans!

To support a driver or team, click on "Make a Donation" on the left of the screen and search for your favorite driver! Your donation will be processed by the Cape Cod Foundation and PayPal. Thank you for the support!

The Drivers Cup Fundraising Challenge is optional for all drivers that are members of confirmed sponsor teams. We want to give you a chance to give back to the Cape Cod community and get your family and friends excited about cheering you on as a Seaside Le Mans driver!

Set a fundraising goal, send out one email to your family and friends and watch the support come in.

We will give you everything you need to be successful:

  • Your own personal fundraising website
  • Email templates to share with family and friends
  • Special incentives for top fundraisers
  • All credit card donations are tax-deductible will be processed securely online through PayPal and the Cape Cod Foundation

All fundraising dollars will support the 2018 Seaside Le Mans beneficiaries.

For more information about Seaside Le Mans, please visit us at!

Our Fundraising Goal:




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